Tool we use

Xamp - Database -
Navcat Lite or Heidi - Database -
Agent Ransack - Useful to search a folder for a keyword -
PBO manager - Used to open and pack our missions -
Notepad++ - Used to open scripts and code
Steamcmd - Used to create the server (downloads the files)
TADST - Tophe's Arma Dedicated Server Tool (What we use to run a server)

What is a RPT

If you have a problem with your server then it is the report ie RPT that you need to check or someone helping you will want to see

Obtain your serverside RPT by clicking monitor on your TADST once the server has started (most problems can be identified fom here)

To find your clientside RPT go to your users/user/appdata/local/arma3 directory here you should see your RPT files

Useful Websites

Altislife Forum:
Arma3 SteamWorkshop//
My Youtube//

How to Setup a Arma3 Life server

Watch the video below for a better understanding

First of all we need to crucial programs installed. Them being Xamp and navcat. This should be a straight forward task with simply
pressing next when prompted. Once Xamp is installed click the red x next to mysql to install this within xamp. If you have any trouble
with mysql starting then make sure you turn off the firewall within the server and allow xamp access.

Ok once these 2 programs are installed its time to start downloading some files via steamcmd and setting the server up. What i do
First is create a folder in your c:// and name it whatever you like.

Download steamCMD and paste it in your newly created folder

Open Steamcmd (it will add some files and folders in this directory)

Now it will be ready to login. TYPE login YOURSTEAMNAME YOURSTEAMPASSWORD for ex login goairukrib taulla

You may be prompted with a steamguard and have to verify the code via email

Once verified and steamcmd is ready its time to download arma3 with the code. (obviously you have to own arma3 via steam)

Ok in Steamcmd type app_update 233780 validate and hit enter

This will start downloading arma3 into your created folder

Once its downloaded within your created folder go to steamapps/common/arma3 server and this is where your main arma3 directory now is.

Now its time to add some Altislife files and folders,(If you do not have a mission file to use simply download one from my youtube i have many public)

First of all we start with @exDB and @Life_server add these folders to your servers steamapps/common/arma3 directory

Now we will move over the tbllmalloc.dll and exdb-conf.ini these both need to be in the same directory as above (the main arma3 directory within the folder you created originally)

Now we need to move the actual mission file for example Altislife.Altis we move to the same directory as above but we add it to the mp mission folder

Ok now we can start with some database creation so first things open up the exdb-conf.ini which we moved to the arma directory towards the bottom you will see database user and password
for setup purposes just add hayden for username and hayden3 as the password if it says [Database2] in brackets change this to your database and click save

Now open navcat lite, at the top click connection then mysql add arma3life as a name and hit ok (leave root etc)

Now underneath you will see the created connection now click user at the top and new user then as below:

Username: hayden
Host: localhost
Password: hayden3
Confirm: hayden3


Then click server privlages and tick all.


Now in navcat underneath highlight the connection then right click and go to execute sql file, here we browse to are arma3.3.1.4.sql file that is provided within mission packs.

Hit start and it will create the database tables we need
Now this should be all done