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FAO brand new users


My first bit of advice would be don’t use za& the discord with over 3000 devs would tell you the same it’s trash. If you want to run a fivem server properly then rent yourself a VPs preferably one from nfoservers as I have personally used them for many years and can definitely recommend,


next if you don’t have a big player base yet start off with a windows 2019 2 core VPs, nfoservers also have a free trial,


when you have rented the server and got your login details follow the below video exactly






We also have a new dedicated supporter discord and forum please check them out


What hardware?

We use a windows 2019 4 core VPs when it’s setup with nfoservers for example they will send you login info.

Every pc has something called Remote Desktop connection. This is what we use to connect to our virtual private servers, once connected it’s like logging into another pc. I setup chrome then start downloading the server files and tools i need

Manual Steps

Download xammp

install xammp

Open xammp

install MySQL

Download Heidi

install Heidi

Download the files and put the in c:/

In Heidi create a new session User root with no password ie left blank Create new database MUST be called essentialmode

Load the sql provided


If you are using a home pc aka local host then you will need to port forward tap/udp port 30120


Run the serverstart.bat provided

The latest server files Explained

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