Some commands will be entered in console some chat


oxide.reload *  - reload the main framework (if using oxide)

/grant group default - used for granting plugin permissions

ownerid 74736476766467 "dave" "dave" - Add a admin

ban name reason - Used to ban a player

unban 765764355735643657 - Used to unban player

decay.scale 0

decay.scale 0.5 = 50% decay rate
decay.scale 1.0 is normal decay rate
decay.scale 0 is off - no decay

server.writecfg - Save server changes  - Save server state

server.write - Save server state

god true / god false  - How to enable god mode

env.time 8 - Change server time

weather.load <weather_type_here> - Change server weather

o.reload serverrewarsds - Reload single resource

pvphotspots start  - Start a single plugin

spawn sedan - spawn a car

destroysedan - destroy car

server.description "add anything here" - Add a description enter this in console

server.headerimage "" - Add to console for server image

killplayer dave - kills a player

teleport2me dave - teleport the player to you

teleport dave - teleport to a player

spectate dave - spectate a player

ban dave troll - ban a player

kick dave trolling - kick a player

sleep - sleep 

debugcamera - enter the debug camera

bind - bind a key

bind p debugcamera - command used to bind a command to a key

entauth - find out the owner of a codelock

xmas.refill - start the xmas event and randomly spawn in presents

minicopter.population 1

spawn halloweenhunt

halloween.murdererpopulation: "5"

ent auth 
ent who + consoletoggle;console.clear
ent lock + ent unlock 
toggle Layers "layer.toggle World;layer.toggle Terrain;layer.toggle Construction;layer.toggle Tree;layer.toggle Clutter" 
admintime, adminweather, admiclouds, adminfog, adminwind 
reportplayer steamID 
teleport steamID 
teleport2owneditem steamID 
teaminfo steamID 
teleport2me steamID 
combatlog steamID 
deleteby steamID 


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