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99% of you that stumble across this website are most likely to be viewers from my stream and know me as RIBSOSAY over on youtube


As you are probably aware I do not have or use a patreon. 


This website is the place to support myself RIB the content creator / influencer.


In return for your support I add the map builds I create/server files I work on or anything I feel worthy to give back to you guys goes on the supporter page.


Obviously supporting isn't compulsory and I only ask those to support if you genuinely enjoy my content/projects and can afford to help out!

This website isn't a place to buy something.


This website allows viewers who enjoy my content to support myself as a full time streamer. In turn this keeps content flowing such as fivem server files and my new RP game.

I hope this clears somethings up with regards to a Patreon

Kind regards



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Thanks RIB